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Installing a new hardwood floor can enhance the functioning of your floors, the beauty of your home, and the overall value of your property. However, you often must decide whether to have professionals install prefinished or unfinished wood planks when installing your floor. If you are interested in fulfilling a remodeling project, you should learn about the many advantages of having professionals install unfinished wood for your Denver hardwood floor.

  • Stability

    The unfinished wood services provided by the top Denver flooring companies can improve the stability of your floor. Most hardwood floors initially feature miniscule cracks, uneven layers, and open spots between the flooring planks. While the open spots are usually hard to detect with the naked eye, the spots can diminish the stability of the floor, dislodge the planks, and require frequent maintenance or repair projects. However, having professionals install unfinished floors and then finish the wood on-site can prevent this hazard and improve the stability of the planks. After the installation process, the experts can perform sealing and finishing services to fill in the crevices, cracks, and tiny empty spaces between the planks. Additionally, you can also have the experts provide sanding services to further improve the even and uniform appearance that permeates along your floors. As a result, having experts finish and seal the wood planks after installation can strengthen the stability of the planks and adorn the smooth appearance of your floor.  

  • Customization

    You can also customize your Denver hardwood floors more effectively by enabling professionals to install unfinished wood. Prefinished or engineered planks are difficult to modify or customize after the installation process. In contrast, having experts finish the wood after installation can allow them to customize many aspects of the wood. For instance, the experts can stain the wood to alter the color of the planks and the shades of your floor. You can choose from light or dark shades, a wide variety of design patterns, and various satin or high-gloss finishes. The ability for the experts to modify the appearance of the wood can be highly beneficial. The customized finishing process can enable you to determine which types of colors and patterns would most effectively satisfy your aesthetic desires and compliment the other features of your home.  

  • Additional Features

    The best Denver flooring companies can also provide additional features to your floor after installing the unfinished wood. Prefinished wood planks impair the ability for the professionals to add any other features to the floor after the installation process. On the other hand, having the experts install unfinished wood allows them to add beneficial design features to your floor. For example, during the sanding and finishing process the experts can add inlays, borders, margins, and various threshold patterns. Additionally, the experts can also add different features in each room of your home to accommodate your particular style preferences. As a result, unfinished floors enable the experts to add features to the wood that would significantly enhance the gorgeous splendor, attractive design, and lustrous shine of your floor.  

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