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What Are the Best Wood Species for Hardwood Floors in Denver?

May 6, 2016

The wood species you choose often asserts a pivotal impact on the appearance of your floors and the overall atmosphere in your home. However, determining which wood species are most conducive for your aesthetic desires and functional needs can be a difficult process. If you are interested in having hardwood floors installed, you should learn about the best wood species for hardwood floors in Denver.     
The top Denver flooring companies often use Maple for hardwood floors. Maple is a popular choice among homeowners because of the advanced durability of the wood. Maple is one of the hardest of all wood species. This is very beneficial, for the hard texture and dense fibers can provide exceptional shock absorption to prevent the floor from incurring any damages from dropped objects or frequent traffic. Maple also repels insects, moss, and fungi. Because this durable material can also resist liquid stains and moisture damage, maple is especially ideal for kitchen and bathroom areas that are prone to experience spills and wet spots. As a result, durability and longevity can enable maple floors to remain intact for an extensive period of time without needing to be repaired or replaced.  

You can also use oak for your hardwood floors. Oak is a common choice for hardwood flooring due to the delightful colors and appealing designs of the wood. Oak often features intricate grain patterns and elaborate knot designs that permeate along the boards and unify the entire room as a design. The rustic appearance of the oak is also very appropriate in Colorado. For instance, the organic impression of oak effectively complements a mountain landscape and scenery that surround us here in Colorado. Additionally, the color and grains of the oak wood tend to age gracefully by becoming deeper and richer over time.  

Brazilian Cherry
The best flooring companies can also install Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors. Many people appreciate the unique beauty of Brazilian Cherry. This type of wood often features strong shades of brown and red colors, a lustrous shine, and an exotically smooth texture. The grain patterns and the powerful colors also display a very indigenous quality. The sophisticated splendor and elegance radiating from Brazilian Cherry floors can enhance your already exquisite home. Furthermore, Brazilian Cherry wood is very adaptable and can work well in almost any room.  

Birch is another optimal choice for hardwood floors. The soft, creamy colors provide a pleasant look that can adorn your home with a warm, inviting, and comfortable atmosphere. Birch is especially appropriate for small rooms, for the light colors allow the room to appear larger and more spacious. Birch is also revered due to the abundance of species from which you can choose. For instance, you can select among a diverse list of different shades, grain patterns, and design styles. Your flooring experts can provide you with a comprehensive list of options and enable you to determine which particular type of birch would be most compatible for your rooms and would most effectively match the other features in your home.  

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