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Types of Denver Hardwood Floor Finishes

June 15, 2016

Hardwood floors are one of the top things people look for in a new home. When experts install your hardwood floor, you often must decide which type of finishing the experts should apply to accommodate your functional needs and aesthetic desires. Finishing enables experts to apply urethane, polyurethane, or other chemicals products onto the floors after installation. The finishes can then modify the appearance and enhance the quality of the floors. If you are interested in having a hardwood floor installed in your home, you should learn about the different types of Denver hardwood floor finishes.

The top Denver flooring companies can provide water-based finishing products. Water-based finishes can facilitate many benefits for hardwood floors. Because water-based finishes do not emit any dangerous fumes or hazardous chemicals, you do not need to ventilate your home or vacate the premises for an extensive period of time during the finishing process. The water-based finishes also feature superior longevity compared to other options. For instance, water-based finishes permit air to flow and circulate efficiently, which then allows the floor to retain the powerful color for a long period of time without the finishing becoming faded, worn, or cracked. Additionally, water-based finishes are very versatile in that the finishes can create many different colors and designs. Your flooring professionals can offer a diverse list of water-based finishing products so you can decide which colors would match the other designs and features of your home.

You can also use an oil-based finish for your Denver hardwood floors. Although oil-based finishing takes longer to dry and emits strong odors during the process, many advantages encourage homeowners to utilize oil-based products to finish the wood floors. Flooring experts can apply oil-based finishing products that enhance the durability of your floor. The finishes can obstruct and prevent elements from penetrating the surface of the wood, protect the floors from incurring damages, and prevent the wood from becoming warped from climate changes or high humidity levels. The oil-based finish also provides a very even appearance. For example, the finish coating can dry effectively and evenly so each section of your floor displays a smooth and unified appearance.

The top Denver flooring companies can also apply moisture-cured finishes onto your hardwood floors. Moisture-based finishes are popular because the products are generally more moisture-resistant than other options. This makes the finishes especially appropriate for kitchen or bathroom floors, as the moisture-resistant quality can prevent your family from slipping while maneuvering around the wet areas. The moisture-cured products can also provide either glossy or satin finishes. The glossy finishes can enable your floor to radiate with a bright and glistening shine, whereas the satin finishes provide a very smooth and elegant surface. As a result, you can choose whether the more glossy or satin surface would best accommodate your home and satisfy your design preferences.

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