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How to Mix Different Wood Styles on Denver Hardwood Floors

July 13, 2016

Are you ready to try something new in your home? How about shaking things up with new Denver hardwood floors? One way to add personality and revamp the look of your home is mixing different styles of wood to create a custom floor that nobody else will have. Homeowners across the country have fallen in love with this new style of flooring that allows them to incorporate multiple shades and types of wood in one room. If you’re ready to try this flooring style, make sure you stick to these tips:

Use wide planks.
To keep the sophisticated and eclectic feel of mixed style Denver hardwood floors, choose wide over narrow planks. Wider planks have a more elegant feel and make the contrast of the different colors less noticeable, since you are using fewer planks to cover the entire floor. If you were to use narrow planks, you would need a lot more pieces to complete the room and the different colors would be more glaring. Using narrow planks, the look may lean more towards sloppy and less towards chic.

Stick to the same color family.
If you love both brown and gray wood colors, then you may think this is the perfect opportunity to use them both. However, when tackling mixed style Denver hardwood floors, it’s important that you stick to the same color family so you don’t create too much of a contrast between planks. For example, try to mix different shades of deep brown on the same floor instead of mixing browns and grays. If you love gray wood, then use varying shades of gray or even white wood to create the mixed look that you desire.

Pick the right room.

Mixed style Denver hardwood floors look best in rooms with a laid-back, relaxed feel. Depending on the colors of wood that you choose, this style of flooring can come off as either rustic or contemporary. Rustic style floors would look incredible in the kitchen, while contemporary styles will complement living rooms.

Choose the same finish.
Even though you are mixing different colors to create custom Denver hardwood floors, it’s best to choose the same finish for each of the different colors that you use. If you were to use a high gloss finish on the darker colors and a matte finish on the lighter shades, for instance, this won’t achieve the look that you want. Your eyes will be too distracted by the difference in finishes to even notice the creativity and uniqueness of the mixed style Denver hardwood floors. After you pick which colors you like, choose a finish and stick to it for all of the colors that you use.

To decide if mixing different woods is right for your Denver hardwood floors, contact the experts at TGB Flooring. With over 25 years in the business, we have the experience and professionalism to assist you in restoring the original beauty of your floors. Call today for a free estimate to see if this design will work well for you at 303-738-9910.