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What Denver Hardwood Floor Repair Services Can Do For You

July 27, 2016

Hardwood floors can make your home shine! However, many problems can require you to periodically have your floors repaired. If you are interested in having your hardwood floors repaired or upgraded, you should learn more about the many types of Denver hardwood floor repair services that premier flooring companies can provide.

Stains and Scratches
The best Denver flooring companies can repair common scratch or stain damages that many homeowners experience. Although hardwood floors are extremely durable, certain issues can emerge and damage the wood boards. The stain removal services provided by flooring experts are especially beneficial. Many stains can penetrate deep into the wood, become difficult to remove, and facilitate dark smudges and ugly stains on the floors. Typical stains that occasionally damage hardwood floors include pet stains, liquid spills, or water damages. The professionals can use innovative products and effective techniques to eradicate these stains and clean your boards. Additionally, the experts can also fix scratch damages. Scratches can occur from moving furniture, tables, or chairs around the floor. The flooring professionals can fix and remove the scratches so each board in your home appears smooth and pristine.  

Broken Boards
You can also have boards replaced with your Denver hardwood floor repair services.  Many issues might develop to require board replacement projects. Dropping heavy objects or moving large equipment can crack, chip and dent certain boards in your home. The dents can then diminish the appearance of your floors and render your family vulnerable to injure themselves while walking barefooted. Repairing the dents or cracks is especially important because the dents can intensify and grow larger without proper repairs. However, flooring experts can replace any broken boards with new wood planks. The experts can carefully remove the broken boards without damaging the subfloors or your property, effectively install new boards, and then ensure that each board is secure and that your entire floor is stable. Additionally, you can have the experts provide the same type of wood boards that are being replaced, or you can have the professionals supply a different type of wood to change the style of the room and to accommodate your aesthetic preferences.  

Discolored Wood
The top Denver flooring companies can also repair discoloration problems to improve the colors of your floor. The attractive colors and appealing design patterns of hardwood floors tend to eventually fade for many reasons. For example, areas of your floor that receive frequent foot traffic are likely to accumulate dirt and dust, lose the original colors, and begin to display a worn and faded appearance. Old floors are also succeptible to experience discoloration due to the natural aging process of wood and the consistent exposure to sunlight. Premier flooring professionals can alleviate discoloration issues and restore the beauty of the boards. The experts can use their advanced knowledge and skills to sand, refinish, and stain the wood boards. Many benefits accompany having discolored floors refinished and repaired. The experts can restore the original shiny luster of the wood, accentuate the strong colors and design patterns of the floors, and adorn the exceptional quality and gorgeous appearance of each room.

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