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Denver Hardwood Floors: Trends to Try

Looking for a way to spruce up your home? You may be considering Denver hardwood floors to add warmth and elegance to your interior, but what type of hardwood should you get? Take a look at some of these trends to see what inspires you as you renovate your home:
Distressed Wood
Although many homeowners love the sleek and polished look of shiny hardwood, distressed wood is actually very trendy right now. To pull this look off in your home, choose a wider plank so the distressing is more prominent, and stick to lighter shades of gray or white. This will give your wood floors a rustic, yet chic feel that will instantly revitalize the entire room.
Red Oak
Many homeowners love wood floors because of their durability, and red oak is one of the most durable types of wood available. If you are planning on installing wood floors in your kitchen or living room where there will be a lot of foot traffic, red oak would be a great choice. Another benefit? Red oak is a light brown with slight red undertones, so it’s a neutral that pairs well with almost every style of decorating.
Dark Eucalyptus
Another type of wood that is making a comeback is eucalyptus, especially in the darker shades of brown. What has made eucalyptus so appealing to today’s homeowners? It’s usually much more inexpensive than other types of wood, and it’s more eco-friendly, too. If you are trying to renovate your home with green materials, eucalyptus is the ideal choice for you. Bonus tip: if you choose a dark shade of eucalyptus wood, pair it with white countertops in your kitchen or white furniture in your living room to really make the room pop.
White Wash
White wash is used to whiten hardwood floors without making them an opaque, solid white color. Although this trend disappeared decades ago, it has slowly inched its way back into the world of interior design. The modern white wash is not necessarily pure white—in fact, most of today’s white washes have a slight, gray tint. If you already have hardwood floors down in your home, this is a great way to update them and try something new without having to install an entirely new floor. Learn how to make your hardwood floors look white washed.
Matte Finishes
Although shiny finishes used to be in style, these days it’s all about the matte finish. Why do homeowners love matte finishes? When you have a shiny finish, you have to constantly try to restore the shine of the floor when it fades from normal wear and tear. But, you won’t have to do this with a matte finish, so it is considered a low maintenance choice.
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