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Break These Bad Habits To Avoid Needing Denver Hardwood Repair Services

December 14, 2016

Hardwood floors will last a long time, but only if you know how to protect them. Unfortunately, many of your bad habits could be destroying your floors without you even knowing it! To avoid the need for hardwood repair services in Denver, try to break these bad habits:

Letting your pet’s nails grow

Although it’s a pain to wrestle your dog and hold him still long enough to cut his nails, it’s necessary if you have hardwood floors. The longer nails grow, the more likely it is that they will scratch into the finish of your floors as your dog runs across the room to greet you.

Not being welcoming

Even if the bottoms of your shoes look fairly clean, you should always wipe them across a welcome mat before walking onto hard wood floors. Dirt and debris on the bottoms of your shoes can scratch the surface of your floors when you walk through the room. To avoid this problem, welcome all of your guests into your home with a welcome mat. These are usually only placed at the front door, but they should actually be in front of every door leading to the outside to protect your floors.


You may think you’re helping your hardwood floors by giving them a deep, thorough clean with a mop, but you’re actually causing more harm than good. Water and hardwood floors do not mix. Any moisture that permeates the top layer of your floors can lead to swelling, cupping, or warping, which will require professional help to fix. If you need to clean your floors, use a damp mop instead of soaking it completely in the water. Learn how to clean hardwood floors here.

Wearing the wrong kind of shoe

If you’re getting ready for a big night out, don’t put your high heels on until you’re about to walk out the door. If your kids are getting ready for soccer or baseball practice, keep those cleats outside! Walking over a hardwood floor in high heels or cleats may cause dings and scratches, so try to only wear flat shoes or go barefoot to preserve your floors.

Using double sided tape

Many homeowners use double sided tape to keep throw rugs from slipping and sliding around, but try to break this bad habit. Double sided tape will stick to the finish on your floors and pull some of it off when you go to remove it. Instead, try to hold your throw rugs in place by putting heavy furniture on top of them. A rug won’t slip around if a couch is pinning it to the ground. Plus, this also helps you protect your floors from the heavy weight of the furniture without having to put down furniture pads!
Want to learn more about how to protect your hardwood floors on a daily basis? If so, contact the experts at TGB Flooring. With over 25 years in the business, we have the experience and professionalism to assist you creating the custom wood design of your dreams. Call today for a free estimate at 303-738-9910.