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Dangers of Winter Weather and Water on Your Denver Hardwood Floors

January 4, 2017

During the winter, we often spend time indoors, enjoy relaxing in our warm homes. Whether you spend an afternoon playing in the snow, shoveling after a storm or perhaps just walked in innocently-seeming puddles, you might not factor in what water can do to your hardwood floors. To maintain your floor’s gorgeous quality, it is best to keep a few things in mind and act if needed.

Dangers of Water on Hardwood

When exposed to water, hardwood floors can become damaged. Long term if not treated, in addition to the other items stated above, there runs the risk of water seeping into your floors that leads to the growth of mold. Not only will this ruin your hardwood floors, but can cause an unhealthy environment to you and anyone else living in the home. When floors become damaged, one of the things you may notice is a change in the shape of your wood. It may swell or curve. You may also notice upon contact, you can press into it.

Preventative Methods and Handling Accidents

One of the best things you can do is have a station set up in your home to take off wet clothes and shoes. Whether it is floor mats or a mudroom with a vinyl floor. This way, large amounts of water tracked in by you, family members or pets do not sit on floors. If an accident does happen, make it a top priority to wipe it up as soon as possible. If a large spill happens, such as a sink overflowing or spilling a large amount of water, you might need more than a rag or stack of paper towels. Depending on the extent of the situation, you may need to invest in a floor dryer. If concerned, you can always talk to your local hardwood flooring specialist to assess the situation.

Tips for Routine Maintenance

It is important to show your hardwood floors love all year to keep them in premier shape. In Today’s, How to Clean Hardwood Floors 101, they recommend to steer clear of oils, waxes or furniture sprays on your hardwood. They also say to avoid ammonia, alkaline products and abrasive cleaners too that may injure the overall finish. Instead, they recommend using a floor cleaner recommended for hardwood—or soap and water! In this case to clean, water is fine! You just don’t want to leave large puddles that can seep into your hardwood. Keep up with sweeping areas commonly walked through daily or at minimum a few times a week. For mopping, they note to handle this at least once a month. Be sure you break these bad habits to avoid needing Denver hardwood repair services too.

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