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Hardwood Flooring in Denver Trends to Watch in 2017

January 18, 2017

With a new year comes new trends. Hardwood flooring is one of the most sought after types of floor. It’s classic, changeable, elegant and goes unmatched amongst other floor materials such as carpet, linoleum, or tile. For those looking to say farewell to their carpet this year, or looking for an upgrade to their current flooring, there are many premier trends on the rise to consider. As you make plans for your home this year, try one of these top trends.

Dark Colors

Homeowners are choosing to go dark with the color of their flooring. And by dark, we mean really dark. Many love hardwood floors that are such a deep shade of brown that in certain angles, you can barely see that there is a different in planks. For others, they might choose not to go that dark, but still a darker shade of brown than your typical hardwood flooring. The great thing about dark hardwood is that it can be complemented by both light and dark furniture. It also pairs extremely well with colorful rugs. It helps rugs and other sources of color in your room pop. Adding a satin finish onto the floors to provide them with a sheen texture that provides a clean and contemporary look.

Grey and Slate

Whether your home has a country feel or modern, you can invest in the grey hardwood flooring. This up and coming trend is available in more natural shades with hints of brown, while others look like grey slate. Some of the more natural shades of grey with much detail pair well in rustic homes with lots of character. Its quality goes unmatched. You can take the same color with a simple texture that will be the perfect start to a contemporary space. Many also love this trend in wider vertical planks. This can also make smaller rooms have the illusion that they are larger.  

Natural and Rustic

More and more people are trying to create the perfect rustic vibe in their home with natural flooring. Creating a farmhouse appeal, this type of flooring is available in a variety of colors. What gives its character is the texture. It often is distressed in appearance, as though it has a story to tell. Usually this type of hardwood is hand-scraped that helps create its appearance. According to Bob Vila’s Engineered vs. Solid: Selecting Wood Flooring, hand-scraped wood is great for hiding scratches and dings. So, if you have children, pets or just a general heavy traffic flow throughout your home, this could be one of your best options to consider to hide imperfections.

As you work to decide what type of hardwood you would like in your home, check out terms you should know before buying hardwood in Denver. To get started, TGB Flooring is your go-to local hardwood flooring source. We have served the Denver area since 1990 and are ready to help you find the perfect hardwood flooring solution for your home. Call us at 303-738-9910 to see what hardwood options are best for your home!