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Common Ways Homeowners Ruin their Denver Hardwood Floors

February 1, 2017

Whether you recently installed new premier hardwood floors, or are trying to keep your existing ones in pristine shape, are you doing everything properly when it comes to care? There are many ways homeowners ruin their hardwood without realizing. From improper sweeping and water issues to outside elements, there is much to keep in mind. It is best to review these care tips to maintain the quality of your Denver hardwood floors. 

Improper Sweeping: Normal Care and Vacuum
How often do you sweep your hardwood floors? On average, homeowners should sweep hardwood flooring on a weekly basis. Ideally, any areas that are frequented in often should be swept every day, or every few days. Why? When dust, dirt and other particles begins to build-up on its surface, it can diminish the quality of the floor’s surface. Do you use a vacuum to sweep your hardwood? It is very important to make sure you are using the proper vacuum and attachments. Only use vacuums that have the open to only suck up items without the rotating brush activated. This can scratch or wear on your floors. When it comes to attachments, always use ones with a brush on the outside as hard plastic can leave scratches. 

Water Issues: From Mopping to Spills
Water is one of the top culprits of ruined hardwood floors. While you do need water to wash your hardwood flooring, do not use too much. When large amounts of water sit on the floor’s surface and sit, they eventually seep into the wood’s surface hence ruining the floors. The same applies to spills. If any liquids spill onto a floor, they must be cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent the liquid from infiltrating the wood’s surface. This can lead to soft spots that eventually become uneven, break and could potentially begin to lead to the growth of mold. Going back to cleaning, it is important to use the proper cleaning supplies when mopping. Only use cleaners that are specifically for wood to ensure the quality of the wood remains intact. 

Outside Elements: Shoes, Dirt and More
Do you and everyone that lives in your home take your shoes off when you walk in the door? Failure to do so can lead to unwanted scratches on your floors. In addition, you may be tracking in any of the various elements outdoors, from water to dirt. Over time, this will lead to wear on the floor and can ruin it. It is important to keep a mat at the entry to have those in the house and guests wipe their feet on prior to entry. 

There are a variety of ways homeowners ruin their floors. Be sure to break these habits to avoid needing Denver hardwood repair services. When it comes to all of your hardwood flooring needs, you can trust the experts at TGB Flooring. As your local go-to hardwood flooring company that serves the greater Denver area, we will accommodate any of your hardwood needs. Contact us at 303-738-9910 to see how we can help you today!