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Three Things You Didn’t Know about Hardwood Flooring in Denver

Whether you already have hardwood floors are considering adding them to your home, there is much to know! From refinishing floors and cleaning them, to dangerous outside elements, it is best to treat your hardwood floors with care. Learn more about the three things you didn’t know about hardwood flooring in Denver.

Floors Can be Revitalized by Refinishing

Over time it is natural for floors to show wear. From people walking around to moving furniture, scratches and scuffs will happen. In other cases, they might just loose that once gorgeous glow they had. When this happens, just because the quality is not up to your standards does not mean you must necessarily replace the floors. Instead, you can consider refinishing. With hardwood refinishing, a local flooring company will come in and take off the old finish with a sander. Next, they will apply a new one in the finish of your choice. This is great as you can choose to change the color if you wish.

Clean and Dust Regularly to Keep Flawless

One of the premier advantages of hardwood flooring is how easy it is to clean. There are many pieces of equipment that can make the process easy. First, it is ideal to lightly dust your floors on a daily basis. You can do this with a small dust mop. For washing, you can mop your hardwood floors every week to two weeks. Not only is it important to stick to a cleaning schedule for the overall quality of your flooring, but helps reduce allergen levels in the home. When it comes to mopping your floors, be sure to only use a light amount of water. Large puddles of water on hardwood flooring can lead to warping and other damage.

Outside Elements Can be Detrimental

Delving more into water, many times people forget about tracking in water and outside elements. This is also one of the top ways hardwood flooring can get ruined. In addition, humid environments can also be damaging to hardwood. You will want to be sure the humidity in your home is lower than 50 percent. Anything higher runs the risk of the floors swelling and becoming damaged. Next, you will want to make sure to take shoes off at the door. Why? There are often things you bring in that stay on your shoes. From water and dirt to rock particles, you may track in and damage your flooring without even realizing it. Plus, you will not want to bring in all of the outside elements inside as they can be unsanitary.

If you are considering adding hardwood to your home, check out these five myths about Denver hardwood floors. For all of your hardwood flooring needs, TGB Flooring is your Denver go-to. Serving the Denver metro area, we can handle all of your hardwood needs. From refinishing and installation to custom woodworking and repair services, we cover it all. Give us a call at 303-738-9910 today to get started on your hardwood floor project.