TGB Policies & Requirements

Policies & Requirments

Our Policies Are Simple:

  • To provide the very best service; We're able to make your experience with TGB flooring the best it can be and provide the best floor you can get;
  • To abide by NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) guidelines and standards;
  • We use only products and equipment from the number one manufacturer in the world, BonaKemi.
  • To Provide a comprehensive one year warranty; Please call us for details.
  • To receive a half check down for materials with a signed contract. Balance is due upon completion;
  • If problems arise concerning your floor, we will make every effort to make any repairs necessary in a timely manner.
  • We cannot move furniture, appliances or toilets.

Pre-Installation Requirements

  • All furniture and appliances, toilets etc. are to be moved prior to the beginning of the job.
  • Any prep work or existing floor coverings you have agreed to remove must be fully completed.
  • Any subflooring issues are to be repaired, or discussed prior to start.
  • Keep children and pets out of all areas where the work will be done.
  • Before a newly installed hardwood floor is sanded and sealed, always wear shoes or some form of protection for your feet.
  • Use caution not to spill on or get wet raw wood as damage may occur.
  • Thanks to the BonaKemi Dust Containment System you can expect the cleanest sanding job you will ever experience.
  • During the job, there will be short periods of time where you will be asked to stay off of the floor.
  • Stains and sealers have some odor, but are not toxic or harmful. BonaKemi finishes smell similar to latex paint.
  • Typically you will be able to get anywhere in the house by the first evening in your stocking feet.

Method of Payment
We are happy to accept your personal checks, cash or certified checks. No credit cards are accepted.

TGB Flooring is fully insured with Allied Commercial Insurance. Proof of insurance is available on request.